Structure of the ASO

The ASO has a sophisticated and transparent order of governance to ensure we are well positioned now and in the future to be advocates for orthodontic health.

The Executive – consists of the President, Treasurer and Secretary. It rotates every two years on a state-by-state basis. This means a continual flow of fresh ideas to ensure we maintain a modern and relevant approach to orthodontics and our society. We stand for delivery of the highest possible standard of care to the community.

The ASO is governed by a Federal Council, made up of the Executive, three members from the state that will succeed the current Executive, and a representative from the three remaining State Branches. All our decisions and policies require a majority vote of Council which ensures all states participate in our activities and policy making.

Each of the State Branches also has its own Executive. The states are closely involved with the universities in their states and coordinating ASO members to teach at universities. The State Branches, together with the Federal Committees, organise high quality continuing education programs.

The ASO also operates a number of Committees.

As a Society we are proud of the way in which our members embrace lifelong learning.

Supporting the ASO

  • ASO Chief Executive Officer – Michelle Cutler
  • ASO Finance Manager – Kate Harris
  • ASO Membership Manager – Kim Hunter

Contact the ASO for any queries and they will assist you, or forward your query to the appropriate person.

Email: [email protected]

Phone: 02 9965 7250