Should you also visit your dentist during orthodontic treatment?

Why also visit a dentist during orthodontic treatment?

So, you just got your braces on, and wondering if you should continue visiting your general dentist? The answer is YES!

Visiting your dentist while you undergo orthodontic treatment is important to remove plaque and tartar. Having braces provides additional nooks and crannies in which food particles and bacteria can hide. Eventually, plaque and tartar can form around your brackets, bands or other appliances which can lead to cavities. Having your teeth professionally cleaned can help ensure most, if not all, plaque and tartar is removed. Even if you are undergoing clear aligner treatment, dental check-ups and cleanings are equally as important.

It is also important to visit a dentist is to help protect your teeth from decalcification, or the loss of calcium in your teeth. A potentially serious condition in which white spots on your tooth surfaces, decalcification is irreversible and if left untreated can lead to cavities. Decalcification is preventable as patients who cut down on sugary sweets and acidic foods, practice good oral hygiene and visit their dentist regularly can help prevent it.

Cavities can also can prolong your treatment. If you are keen to complete your orthodontic treatment on time and without any delays, visiting your dentist as recommended can go a long way toward making that a realistic goal. Your dentist can provide fluoride treatments or other treatments that strengthen your teeth and protect them from cavities.Making sure to visit your dentist will help ensure your teeth look their best once your braces come off!

This Australian Society of Orthodontists' blog post was based on content supplied by Wilkinson Orthodontics and South East Orthodontics.