Risks for dentists performing orthodontics

What are the risks for dentists performing orthodontic treatments?

Many dentists take short courses as they are interested in orthodontics. These courses assist in understanding how to diagnose when complex orthodontic treatment is required, however they do not adequately train dentists to plan or treat complex orthodontic problems.

The ASO regularly reviews orthodontic courses in the market and to date has not seen any short course that trains a dentist to safely put on fixed appliances or carry out complex orthodontic work.

Each patient will respond differently to treatment and without adequate training it is impossible to expect to be able to treat patients safely and end up with results a patient will be happy with. Currently, the only accredited courses for training orthodontists are ADC accredited courses.

By working together, an orthodontist-dentist partnership can achieve results for patients that cannot be produced when working independently.

All ASO specialists have trained and worked as dentists and are members of the Australian Dental Association.