Research and Surveys

Part of our mission is to ensure that research and development into orthodontics continues and is adequately funded. The ASO's Foundation for Research and Education gives financial support to universities, students and researchers as part of our mandate.

The ASO also alerts members to current research projects that may be of interest and assists in advertising projects and surveys looking for participants.

Listing on this page is at the discretion of the ASO. Details of any studies are supplied for information purposes only and do not constitute ASO endorsement of content, products, organisations, or people.

If you would like to list your research, project or survey here, or have suggestions about  something of interest to members, please contact the ASO Office. 

Current Projects & Surveys

Survey: Followup to 2013 survey of Australian orthodontists' procedures

Researchers: Dr Peter Miles in conjunction with Univerity of Queensland

About: This is a follow up to the 2013 survey published in the Australian Orthodontic Journal. The purpose is to assess the usage frequency of various techniques and appliances by Orthodontists in Australia. The summary results will be submitted for publication to the Australian Orthodontic Journal. ALL details are confidential and will remain anonymous

Click here to take this survey: (estimated time about 9 minutes)

Survey: Clinical assessment of suitable orthodontic treatment: Fixed appliances Vs Clear aligners

Researchers: Dr Mithran Goonewardene, Dr Steven Naoum, Zoe Thorning, Keely Johnson

About: Evaluating the difference in decision-making between general practitioner dentists and specialist orthodontists in treating malocclusions of differing complexities using either fixed appliances or clear aligners. Includes general questions and assessment of intraoral patient photos with regards to participants confidence in treating each case with fixed appliances or clear aligners. 

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Survey: Trend in use of orthodontic mini-screws among Australian orthodontists

Researchers: Dr Myat Mon Thinn, Prof Craig Dreyer from the University of Adelaide

About: The use of orthodontic Mini-screws among Australian orthodontists, failure percentages and treatment protocols. Also evaluation of the most commonly used type of mini-screws, determination of failures and correlation of other factors. This study is being conducted part of the DCD (Orthodontics) programme and has been approved by the Human Research Ethics Committee atthe Univeristy of Adelaide.

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Survey: Identification of gingival biotype and GDP's opinion towards the need for early orthodontic treatment

Researchers: Dr Yul Kim, Prof Craig Dreyer, and Prof Lisa Jamieson from the University of Adelaide

About: Investigates the assessment of gingival biotype by various dental practitioners and how it influences extraction patterns in orthodontic treatment. Also investigates GDP's responses towards early orthodontic problems in children of ages 8-10 (this part is not applicable for orthodontists).

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Survey: Utilisation of the Medicare Cleft Lip and Cleft Palate Scheme by Australian Orthodontists

Researchers: Dr Morgan Wishney with researchers from the Discipline of Orthodontics a the University of Sydney School of Dentistry.

About: The engagement of of orthodontists with the Cleft Lip and Cleft Palate Scheme (CLPS) and their attitude towards the scheme. The study has ethical approval from the Human Research Ethics Committee of the University of Sydney. 

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