Research and Surveys

Part of our mission is to ensure that research and development into orthodontics continues and is adequately funded. The ASO's Foundation for Research and Education gives financial support to universities, students and researchers as part of our mandate.

The ASO also alerts members to current research projects that may be of interest and assists in advertising projects and surveys looking for participants.

Listing on this page is at the discretion of the ASO. Details of any studies are supplied for information purposes only and do not constitute ASO endorsement of content, products, organisations, or people.

If you would like to list your research, project or survey here, or have suggestions about  something of interest to members, please contact the ASO Office. 

Current Projects & Surveys

Survey: Quality of Life and Career Satisfaction among Australian Orthodontists, with a Preliminary Investigation into the Effects of Covid-19 Mitigation Efforts

Researchers: Monica Glavin, Nayani Ravishanker, Kathryn Chan, Dr. Melissa Nguyen and Lan Nguyen.

About: This research project aims to investigate the effect of occupational stressors on the Quality of Life (QOL) and career satisfaction of Australian orthodontists. This study will also explore potential effects of the Covid-19 pandemic on the QOL and career satisfaction of Australian orthodontists.  This study has been approved by the Griffith University Human Research Ethics Committee ("Master of Dentistry: Research Project 7541DOH Cross Sectional Studies by Questionnaire" (2019/112)). 

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Survey deadline 31 March 2022

Survey: Never Events in Clinical Orthodontic Practice 

Researchers: Dr Jaclyn Rudick (orthodontic resident at NYU Langone) and Dr Laurance Jerrold. 

A never event is a description of an action, event, or failure that should never happen if appropriate policies, protocols, or preventive measures are in place and are followed.  A never event must be clearly identifiable or definable; it must be able to be measured or amenable to metric evaluation; if it does occur it must have the potential to result in either serious, significant, or costly harm; and finally, it must be preventable.   

About: The aim of this project is to investigate something that has never been looked at in orthodontic research - whether or not there are such things as NEVER EVENTS in orthodontic practice. Those are administrative and clinical events that should never happen in clinical practice. For more information about this research please click here.

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