Positions Sought

Please see below the current list of positions sought in orthodontic practices in Australia.

Experienced Locum Available 

I am a registered specialist orthodontist based in Canberra ACT. I have a wealth of experience in treating patients from the young child to the mature adult with a variety of appliances including fixed, functional and sequential aligners. 

I can assist with locum positions on a short term casual arrangement or longer-term FIFO options anywhere in Australia.

I am happy to discuss any options to accommodate your requirements

Please contact John Fricker by Email: [email protected]

Locum Available

A dedicated career of experience and capacity is my offering to anyone seeking a temporary replacement in their practice. My involvement with a wide range of modalities of appliances allows for easier adaptation into your practice. I am familiar with a number of bracket systems, removable and fixed functional appliances, TADs , sectional mechanics, interdisciplinary adult orthodontics, SPA’s and all forms of retention. I am also happy to travel to regional areas as required. Please call me if you wish to discuss possibilities further.

Please contact Steve Bajada on 0407 812 394

Experienced Locum Orthodontist

Having been both a solo practitioner and a partner in a group specialist practice, I have many years of experience to offer as a Locum Orthodontist.

I am comfortable with, and experienced in, all types of fixed appliance systems (both conventional and self-lighting), fixed and removable functional appliances, Invisalign and all retention modalities. Also familiar with Dolphin, Orthotrac and Oasis IT software.

As a caring, responsible person, I will take a genuine, honest and enthusiastic interest in your practice, staff and patients. Happy to provide my CV and list of practices that have engaged me as a Locum. If I can be of assistance, especially for that extended holiday, family leave, illness, etc, please consult my website, send an email or give me a call.

Please contact John Mewing on 0417 623 346 or [email protected]. Website www.ortholocum.dental

Locum Orthodontist

I am an AHPRA registered specialist orthodontist based in Sydney, NSW. I enjoy practising orthodontics and am focussed on providing good patient care.  Being experienced with a variety of fixed and removable appliances, including functional appliances and clear aligners, such as Invisalign, I am well placed to fit in with many situations. I can assist with locum positions, regular part-time, casual, and longer-term FIFO options. If you have a need, I am flexible and am happy to discuss any options.

Please contact Deborah Lake on 0412 401 379 or [email protected].