Our Research

Post-graduate research donations

Donations are awarded annually to help offset the costs of postgraduate research. They are paid directly to the Orthodontic Heads of Departments to be distributed at their discretion following appropriate protocols.

Funding is generally made available according to the number of students enrolled in the approved postgraduate course. Only students who are members of the Australian Society of Orthodontists Inc. will be counted when the donation is calculated. Students who repeat a year will not be included in the calculation for that year.

An update or progress report about the research will be made available to the ASOFRE by the postgraduate institution by June 30 each year.

All publications and presentations emanating from the research supported by the Student Research Donations must acknowledge this support by the Australian Society of Orthodontists Foundation for Research and Education in that publication or presentation.

Special research donations

Special Research Donations are for those continuing with research studies either at an academic level, studying for a post specialist training degree or as a part time interest. They are not available to postgraduate students studying for a specialist training degree. At least one of the applicants, preferably the principal researcher, must be a current member of the Australian Society of Orthodontists Inc.

The following documents are available below and relate to Special Research Donations:

Closing date for applications is 30th June each year. For further information email the Foundation Secretary at [email protected]
Download the list of current special research grants here

Current research

Below is a summary of the number of post-graduate students studying to become specialist orthodontists in Australia in 2020, whose research is currently supported by ASOFRE.

University of Sydney12
University of Western Australia10
University of Queensland7
University of Melbourne12
University of Adelaide6

Research materials

The following research materials and equipment may be available to ASO members and other Australian and New Zealand orthodontic departments for their research or educational activities. If you are interested in borrowing that material or equipment please directly contact the department listed to inquire about availability.  

  • Peer Assessment Rating (PAR) models. Owned by ASOFRE, housed at the University of Adelaide