Celebrities with Braces: Before and After

We’re all familiar with the term “Hollywood Smile” – the beautiful, straight, white, perfect smiles that grace our screens and glossy magazines. But celebrities aren’t all born with these perfect teeth.

It’s not the most likely of accessories you’d expect the rich and famous to be sporting, but braces are the go-to tool for many of our famous friends. Delta Goodrem, Gwen Stefani, Niall Horan, Serena Williams and Kylie Minogue are just a few famous faces who have sought help from orthodontic specialists to undergo life-changing orthodontic treatment to fix crooked teeth or overcrowded smiles and give them confident “Hollywood Smiles”.

From rocking traditional metal braces a-la Gwen Stefani, to less-visible ceramic see-through braces as sported by Tom Cruise, there are treatment options to suit everyone and every lifestyle. Lingual braces attached to the inside surfaces of your teeth are a popular option, and clear plastic aligners are often worn by celebs looking for something more discrete (as seen on red carpet royalty including Katherine Heigl, Justin Bieber, Khloe Kardashian and Zac Efron).

Here are some of our favourite celeb smile transformations with comments from our experts:


Cindy Crawford:

Supermodel Cindy (now 50 years old!) had old school, chunky metal braces back in the 70s to fix her overbite and crooked teeth. In 2013, she shared with her followers a family photo of when she was a teenager – complete with braces and home-made dress – proving that, like many of us, she wasn’t born with a Hollywood Smile! As a young up-and-coming model, Cindy decided to have her braces fitted again, this time for a Pepsi commercial, and her career (and smile) has been shining bright ever since.


Daniel Ricciardo:

The Australian Formula 1 driver is famous for his big toothy grin, but it wasn’t always perfect. Daniel had crowded and crooked teeth until he saw an orthodontist. Daniel underwent treatment (opting for ceramic braces) whilst he was driving F1 and it certainly didn’t slow him down! In a 2014 interview he stated “I’m really glad I got braces when I did because obviously it’s paying off now and, especially if you smile a lot, it’s nice to have that confidence in knowing your teeth are good. I encourage it. Even if you’re in your 20s, its good stuff!”


Emma Watson:

Even Hermione has benefited from orthodontic treatment! When Emma’s acting career started taking off after being cast as Hermione in the popular ‘Harry Potter’ series, she decided to fix her moderately crooked teeth and achieve a beautiful smile with the help of an orthodontist. Although the spellbinding actress wore traditional braces for a while, she could have also been treated very successfully with clear aligners.


Tom Cruise:

Tom has one of the most famous smiles in showbiz, but he actually started his career with discoloured, broken, missing and misaligned teeth. Over the years he’s had numerous orthodontic and cosmetic dental procedures to camouflage his quite complex problems. In 2002, gossip magazines were awash with photos of Tom at age 40 sporting ceramic braces in order to fine tune his smile and bite.

Despite all of the dental work he’s had over the years, Tom remains quite notorious in dental and orthodontic circles for his residual smile asymmetry. If you look closely, you’ll notice that his upper front teeth are shifted to the left of his facial midline. It just goes to show, there are some minor cosmetic imperfections that simply have to be accepted, no matter how famous you are!


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