Tips to ensure treatment is successful

How to ensure successful treatment

Orthodontics plays an important role in improving overall oral health and achieving balance and harmony between the face and teeth for a beautiful, healthy smile, which can in turn can enhance self esteem.

Properly aligned teeth are easier to brush and so the risk of decay may be decreased, as may the likelihood of developing disease of the gums and supporting bone.

Ask your orthodontist to explain anything you don't understand. Clarify with your orthodontist what is expected of your child, teenager or yourself to achieve the best possible results. Your orthodontist wants you to understand the treatment being offered and welcomes questions.

General tips

  • Ensure teeth are brushed frequently and properly, particularly when wearing braces. Good oral hygiene means removing bacterial plaque, which can cause inflammation of the gums and loss of supporting bone.

  • Brush teeth, gums and braces three times a day (especially after eating).

  • Use floss or an interdental brush to clean between teeth at least once daily and definitely before bed.

  • Use a fluoride toothpaste to help reduce the risk of cavities.

  • Carry a toothbrush, interdental brushes and/or floss at all times so that you or your child can clean your teeth anytime, anywhere.

  • Inform your orthodontist of any unusual symptoms, an accident to the mouth, or broken or loose appliances/brackets as soon as they are noted.

  • Keep all orthodontic appointments.

  • Advise your orthodontist if there are any changes to your, or your child's, general medical health.