UQ end of year update

The end of 2019 is almost here and we are soon graduating four successful DClinDent orthodontic candidates. Congratulations are in order to - Drs Chris Costello, Phillip Goh, Borjana Simanovic and Arun Shailendran. Thanks to Dr Paul Hanrahan who visited as our external examiner and who was both challenging and informative to our final year students. Thanks also to our team of demonstrators and staff Brett Kerr, Des Ong, Sig Fu, Rick Olive, Tony Weir, Chris Turnock, Brendan Fitzpatrick, Colin Nelson, Peter Southall, Bill Leivesley and Oral surgeon Terry Alexander.

In 2020, we welcome back on staff newly graduated high achievers Drs Phil Goh and Arun Shailendran (who recently passed his MOrth exam with flying colours). We are looking forward to welcoming four new orthodontic postgrads, a visit from Prof Jim Hartsfield and attending the ASO Congress in Cairns.

Thanks to the support provided by the ASO and ASOFRE – we would not be here without it!

Elissa Freer