Some friendly words of advice for our 1st Years

Welcome to those who have enrolled in the three-year postgraduate orthodontic courses in Australia.

Our 2019 graduating class share some words of wisdom to help ensure you get the most out of your next three years of study.

  • Get involved in some meaningful, worthwhile research…this is your chance to make your mark, make the most of it! Adam Wahab

  • My advice for those starting ortho is to stay organised, get your research and cases started as quickly as possible, and try to enjoy the journey! Phillip Goh

  • Pace yourself – the next three years are a bit like a marathon, you don’t want to burn out before you get to the finish line. Trista Anthony

  • The postgraduate journey is challenging but as you follow patients through their journey and see the transformation of smiles you will find it very fulfilling. Chelsea Mann

  • Complete research ASAP! Chris Costello

  • Orthodontic school is like a marathon. Your fingers get chafed from the wires. Your get thrown into the deep end from day one, coffee becomes your best friend. There’ll be countless fallen branches on your path, don’t let them stop you. You get out what you put in. And at the end, you realise it has been the best marathon of your life (Be sure to schedule in some rest days too!). Katie Xu

  • Make the most of the present moment, it's all you have. Morgan Wishney

  • Congratulations for getting into the orthodontic program! First rule – there are no rules. Like most things, in orthodontics, there are no right or wrong answers. There can be some very, very wrong answers, but there can be any number of right answers. Read widely, stay level-headed and be a seeker. Arun Shailendran

  • Listen to your demonstrators! Jason Southwell

  • Your fellow colleagues are your strength - being part of a team will make your journey through post-grad so much easier, enriching and more enjoyable. The best part of post-grad is the long lasting friendships that you make. Dipika Mistry

  • Give everything a go and try to enjoy it! Jessica Yeo

  • May the force be with you - light and constant. On a more serious note, multiple heads are better than one, discussing cases and ideas with colleagues is a great way of brainstorming and learning. Celine Chan

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