Celebrate Dental Health Week with a smile

Dental Health Week is a good time to remember why oral health is so important. Poor oral health can affect more than just your breath - it can lead to infections, pain, inflammation and even cardiovascular disease – so following proper oral health care techniques is vital for your health.

While most of us were taught about proper oral health care as children, it’s not unusual for our habits to slip with time – especially during orthodontic treatment.

Here are five tips to help you care for your oral health while undergoing orthodontic treatment:

Clean your teeth after every meal

While it is generally recommended that you brush your teeth twice a day, people who are undergoing orthodontic treatment – whether with braces or clear aligners – are encouraged to brush their teeth after every meal to prevent decay and gum disease. It is also very important to minimise snacking in between meals.

Learn to floss correctly

Flossing with braces is a lot trickier as they are bonded to your teeth. You should ask your orthodontist to demonstrate the correct technique for your treatment.

Care for your removable aligners

Because of the bacteria in your mouth and the transfer of plaque and food particles to your clear aligners, it is crucial to keep them clean. This includes rinsing your aligners with cold water when you take them out to eliminate dried saliva, and soaking them in a clear retainer or denture solution. Ask your orthodontist for their removable aligner care tips.

Get your teeth straightened by an expert

It is essential that you consult an orthodontist about straightening your teeth to ensure it is done safely and without damage to your teeth and gums. Orthodontists specialise exclusively in straightening teeth and correcting bites, but before becoming specialists, orthodontists complete a full dental degree and work for a number of years as general dentists. Therefore, they have the highest level of expertise possible to ensure the best outcome for your smile.

Regular check-ups and cleans with your family dentist

Orthodontists and family dentists are a team. You will achieve the best results when you see your orthodontist for teeth straightening and maintain regular appointments with your family dentist. Your dentist is able to clean your teeth and remove plaque build-up that brushing alone can’t remove, while also alerting you to potential issues with your teeth and gums.