2019 Queensland Clinical Weekend

The 2019 ASO Queensland Clinical Weekend was held on 30 and 31 August at Peppers Resort, located on the magnificent Tweed coast. For the first time this year, the invitation was extended to ANZAOMS members and we welcomed three members including one of our speakers – hopefully this is the start of a new tradition and we will attract more ANZAOMS members to our events in the future.

Presentations were delivered by three outstanding lecturers: 

  • Professor Eric Liou focused on orthodontic and orthognathic camouflage treatment for class III patients, treatment of occlusal cants non-surgically, and finished with a surgery first approach to class III treatment. Members were certainly left reconsidering the best approach to treatment of these patients.
  • Dr Nour Tarraf presented on using TADs in growth modification treatment and complex adult malocclusions. What were once seemingly complicated treatments were made to look simple by Dr Tarraf.
  • Dr Michael Burgess is a local maxillofacial surgeon who discussed combined TMJ and orthognathic surgery. 

The weekend was broken up by two social events. On the Friday night, members gathered for cocktails around the pool and the meeting concluded with an exceptional dinner at Fins Restaurant and Bar.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank the trade who took time out of their busy schedules to join us for the meeting. I would also like to thank my committee members; Kerry Shooter, Catherine O’Shea and Elizabeth Fisher for their tireless efforts in organising the weekend.

Kate Barker
ASOQ President