Member Calendars

Our Events Table below gives an overview of upcoming ASO meetings - once we have enough details for an event, we also add these to our Events Calendar, which also includes non ASO events (click here to go to the Events Calendar).

Note that at present, most Branches have cancelled many of their meetings due to Covid.

EVENTS (in date order)

WA Branch Gen MtgWed 12 Aug 2020tbcContact WA Branch
QLD Branch Gen MtgThurs 3 Sept 2020tbcContact QLD Branch
SA Branch Gen MtgTues 15 Sept 2020Botanic Gardens restaurantContact SA Branch
WA Clinical DayFri 6 Nov 2020tbcContact WA Branch
SA Branch Clinical Day / Annual DinnerFri 13 Nov 2020tbcContact SA Branch
VIC Branch Clinical DayFri 13 Nov 2020tbcContact VIC Branch
NSW Branch Clinical DayFri 20th Nov 2020Intercontinental HotelSpeaker: Professor Stella Chaushu. 
QLD Branch Gen MtgFri 27 Nov 2020tbcContact QLD Branch