Member benefits

ASO members recognise that together we can ensure the best for our profession and our patients.

ASO members have access to the latest knowledge, developments and opportunities relevant to the profession.  

Member benefits include:

  • An Association whose focus is specifically and solely on Orthodontists.
  • An Association that continually and actively lobbies for the best interests of its members with industry and Government bodies.
  • An Association that actively supports ongoing research into Orthodontics and works closely with Australian Universities in funding and supporting Australian orthodontic training.
  • Mentoring and peer support.
  • Marketing material for your practice.
  • Discounts for dental supplies via our alliance with Henry Shein Halas.
  • The ability to list your practice/s in the ASO online Find an Orthodontist directory.
  • An active and ongoing public education program about the importance of seeing a Specialist.
  • Our peer reviewed journal, The Australasian Orthodontic Journal.
  • Ongoing newsletters and updates.
  • Discounted opportunities to access the latest research and information and network with colleagues via our annual conference events. 
  • Regular State meetings.
  • CPD opportunities via the annual events and state meetings, and via the AOB certification program.