KGVP - 2017

A major undertaking of the Sydney Orthodontic Alumni is the facilitation and funding of the Keith Godfrey Visiting Professor to the Orthodontic Discipline of the University of Sydney. This usually occurs every two years and is always an eminent teacher from another University, usually outside Australia.

The 13th Keith Godfrey Visiting Professor is Associate Professor Ewa Czochrowska. 

Dr. Czochrowska is recognised as a leading authority on dental transplantation. Having graduated from the Dental Faculty in Warsaw, Poland in 1991, Dr. Czochrowska finished her postgraduate training in orthodontics at the University in Oslo, Norway in 1997. She then worked as a Research Fellow at the Orthodontic Department, Dental Faculty in Oslo until 2002. In 2003 Dr. Czochrowska was awarded a PhD from the University in Oslo for a thesis on orthodontic management in patients with missing teeth, and in March 2014, was awarded the habilitation degree from the Medical University in Warsaw. At present, Dr. Czochrowska works as an Associate Professor at the Department of Orthodontics, Medical University in Warsaw, and maintains a private orthodontic practice in Warsaw. Her current research is based on the outcome of tooth transplantation and different aspects of interdisciplinary treatment. Dr. Czochrowska has organized the 1st Congress in Tooth Transplantation 2016, and works closely with international experts on tooth transplantation.

Associate Professor Ewa Czochrowska (2017 KGVP), assisted by Professor Ali Darendeliler, presented at the NSW Clinical Day on 3 Nov 2017 on the orthodontic and surgical management of autogenous transplantation of developing premolars and third molars and also the trans-alveolar transplantation (surgical up-righting) of impacted teeth.