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Gain AOB Certification

ASO and NZAO current membership is an essential pre-requisite for AOB Certification.

All the relevant forms, along with templates and sample cases are available in the resources section of the AOB website.

AOB Certification lasts for 7 years and involves two stages.

Stage 1 (10 CPD Points)

Stage 2 (15 CPD Points)

  • Upon completion of patient treatment, submit the Certification Application form (Form 3) and records for 2 cases.
  • Each report should include a brief literature review supporting your plan or treatment.
  • You will have three years to complete this stage.

AOB Re-certification

AOB Certification is valid for 7 years. For ongoing AOB Certification you must repeat the AOB process again within this period

Once the certification process has been completed twice (certification and completing recertification once), ongoing recertification is awarded following submission of the AOB Professional Development Logbook, every 5 years.

Visit the AOB Resource page to find all the forms, sample cases and other resources to help you complete your application.

Last updated September 2023