HSH Partnership

In 1993 ASO NSW set up the University of Sydney ‘Orthodontic Trust’ to establish and fund a Chair in Orthodontics. A number of fund raising initiatives and ventures were undertaken.

In 2003 a partnership between ASO NSW and Halas Dental Limited, later to become Henry Schein Halas, was one of these ventures. The partnership provided discounts to ASO NSW members when purchasing dental supplies from Halas and as ASO NSW members purchased more from Halas an increasing amount was donated by Halas to the Orthodontic Trust. This proved extremely beneficial to both Halas and the Orthodontic Trust.

In 2008 the ASOFRE, due to the success in NSW, made the same arrangement with Henry Schein Halas to give ASO members Australia wide the same discounts and rewards, and of course to raise funds to support orthodontic research and education in Australia. A 5 year agreement was signed. The terms of the Alliance, Australia wide, were virtually the same as those that had worked so successfully in NSW.

ASO NSW continues to have its proportion of the funds donated by HSH directed to the NSW Orthodontic Trust. The remainder and majority of the funds are donated to the ASOFRE, but are available to support other state trusts if they are established. Between 2008 and 2013, through the Alliance, Henry Schein Halas donated over $800,000. Two thirds directly to the Foundation. This was more than double the amount from all the other companies combined over the lifetime of the Foundation. Without this funding many of the projects the Foundation is undertaking could not have been funded or supported to the same level.

In July 2013 the Alliance agreement was extended another 3 years on the same terms. In the first year after the Alliance was renewed on July 1st 2013 purchases by ASO members exceeded $5,000,000. In that year alone Henry Schein Halas donated over $200,000 via the Alliance.


On July 1st 2015 new ADIA Code of Practice regulations were introduced. These state that companies are not permitted to make monetary or gift inducements to dental practitioners. As a result of this introduction changes to the Alliance terms needed to take place. 

These took effect 1st October 2015 and as a result HSH will no longer give Myer cards as a rebate for volume purchases and the Privileges program will cease to operate in its current format.

In brief the changes were:

  • ASO members will be offered higher discount rates:

  • Consumable Products: ASO member's discount will increase from 5% to 15% discount, or best promotional price, on consumable products, including Colgate (10% previous agreement). As before this excludes all major equipment, repairs, software, anaesthetics and medical products.

  • Disposable and Infection Control Products: ASO members discount will increase from 5% to 20% discount on a defined range of Disposable and Infection Control Products.

  • These discounts will provide extra savings for all members when purchasing dental supplies and will replace the ASO | Henry Schein Halas Alliance volume rebates and Privileges program.

  • Henry Schein Halas will continue, as before, to donate funds to support Orthodontic Research and Education according to the total sales made to ASO members.


ASO HSH Alliance Pamphlet