How to credit someone else’s social media post on your business page

When sharing someone else's content on Facebook or Instagram, it’s important to give them credit and acknowledge where the original source of the image or video came from.

On Facebook or Instagram, simply include one of the following in the captions of your post to credit someone/a page correctly:

  • "via @username"
  • “regram @username”
  • “repost @username”
  • “Image source: @username”

If you are unsure where the image originated from, simply write “source: unknown”.

Should I ask permission before posting someone else’s image?

We recommend to always ask before you repost someone else’s image on your social media. This removes the possibility of someone getting upset that you’ve used their image and saves you a headache in the future! You can ask someone for their permission by either commenting on their photo or by direct messaging them via their Facebook or Instagram profile.

Remember, whenever taking photos of your patients, it is important that they give you permission to use their photo in any of your marketing material. The ASO has consent forms available which practices can adapt for your own purposes. If you would like us to send you any of our templates, please email [email protected]

What’s the best way to repost?

If you’re on a mobile, you can simply screenshot the image and crop it in your image folder on your phone. Otherwise, you can use the Repost app for Instagram. Click here to download.

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