How do I become a Give a Smile (GAS) Orthodontist?

Simply complete the online Application Form. You will need to be a full member of the ASO.

How do I receive my GAS patient?

You will get a letter from the GAS Liaison Officer in your state or territory with details of your patient. Please have your staff contact the patient to make an appointment.

How many GAS patients will I be allocated?

One per year. However, if you wish to be allocated more, please advise your GAS Liaison Officer.

What if I don't receive a GAS patient one year?

This means that no suitable patients were available in your area this year.

What happens if my patient doesn't show up for their appointment?

Contact the patient again. If still unsuccessful, please advise your GAS Liaison Officer.

If my GAS patient needs extractions or fillings, how do I go about arranging these?

Your patient is entitled to receive these treatments in the public dental health system. However, if you have a dental colleague who has offered his/her services, feel free to arrange it in this way.

If my GAS patient needs other specialist dental procedures, e.g. orthognathic surgery or dental implants, how do I go about arranging these procedures?

Your patient is entitled to receive these treatments in the public dental health system. In most situations this will probably be the best way to manage this issue. Give a Smile has received approaches from a number of OMFS surgeons who have offered to facilitate the required surgery for GAS patients in the relevant public facility. When this arises the Give a Smile Executive encourages you to take up this kind offer.

Does my GAS patient pay any fee for their treatment?

Public patients in SA, WA and Victoria are required to pay a fee (co-payment) for their orthodontic treatment. In each case, this co-payment is around a fraction of a full orthodontic fee in the private sector. These three state health departments have directed that, in the case of Give a Smile patients in their states, co-payments are to be paid to the Give a Smile Trust.

What if GAS wishes to use photos or details of my patient for promotional purposes?

On their Patient Consent Form, your patient will have given their permission for photographs and other details to be used by Give a Smile in any promotional material. However, this will always be double-checked by Give a Smile when such information is being sought.

What happens if my GAS patient transfers to another locality?

Through the appropriate GAS Liaison Officer, Give a Smile will try its best to facilitate a transfer to another GAS orthodontist. Failing that, the patient will be transferred back into the public system.

What happens if my GAS patient continually breaks appointments, applicances or is generally a poor cooperator?

You are entitled to charge an appropriate fee in these situations. This is clearly spelt out in the Patient Consent Form.

What happens if my GAS patient breaks or loses their retainers?

As per the previous question, you are entitled to charge an appropriate fee in these events. In an extreme situation you may refer the patient back into the public system. Please contact Give a Smile if this happens.

Should I wish to, how do I leave the GAS program?

Simply advise the GAS Admin Assistant Leah Robinson or your GAS Liaison Officer. Your name will be taken off all Give a Smile listings and the relevant GAS Liaison Officer will be advised. You will be obliged to complete the treatment of any GAS patients who had already been allocated to you.

Who do I contact if I have any problems, concerns or questions about the GAS program?

Contact the GAS Liaison Officer in your state or territory.

Can I promote GAS in my practice in any way?

You are most welcome—and warmly encouraged—to promote Give a Smile in your practice. Reference to Give a Smile on your practice stationery and in other allowable advertising is permitted by The Dental Board of Australia.

What do I tell a patient who enquires about how to become a GAS patient?

Advise them to first obtain a Health Care Card (or Pension Card). They then need to contact the public dental health department in their state or territory for an appointment to have their dental and orthodontic needs assessed. Read the patient eligibility requirements and below is a list of relevant state and territory dental health services.

NSWDepartment of Orthodontics
Sydney Dental Hospital
Tel 02 9293 3388/89
NTOral Health Services NT
PO Box 40596
Casuarina NT 0811
Tel 08 8924 6470
QLDOral Health Unit
GPO Box 2368
Brisbane QLD 4001
Tel 1300 300 850
SASA Dental Services
Frome Rd
Adelaide SA 5000
Tel 08 8222 8276
VICDental Health Services Victoria
720 Swanston St
Carlton VIC 3053
Tel 03 9341 1000
WAThe Oral Health Centre WA
17 Monash Avenue
Tel 08 6457 4400