When should I start treatment and how long will it take?


An assessment by a specialist orthodontist for children aged 8-10 years is encouraged to diagnose, and sometimes start, interceptive orthodontic treatment for some teeth and bite issues. This may prevent the need for more complicated orthodontic treatment later.


An increasing number of adults are having treatment to get a smile they have always wanted, to fix crooked teeth which may have been bothering them for years, or to fix a bite that is not quite right. In fact, adults are our fastest growing client group.   

Treatment time

This really depends on what you are having done. Braces are usually worn for 12-24 months. Other treatments may take a longer or shorter time depending on the treatment and how fast your teeth move.

Thanks to advances in technology, just about every type of treatment is relatively fast.

These steps will make your treatment as fast as possible:

  • Follow your orthodontist’s instructions on brushing, flossing, cleaning, and diet.
  • Keep your scheduled appointments with your orthodontist.
  • Make sure your orthodontist is a member of the ASO as only they have the training, experience and treatment options to ensure you get your best smile.  

Treatment may take longer than predicted for a number of reasons. Some people just have teeth and jaw bones that move slower than others. There is little that can be done but to be patient and allow the teeth to move.