D3 Group: Pre-Symposium online Workshop on Molar Hypomineralisation & Chalky Teeth

12:00am Friday, 23 October 2020
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D3G's Pre-Symposium Online Workshop is a COVID-safe forerunner to the inaugural International Symposium on Molar Hypomineralisation and Chalky Teeth which has been postponed until 2021. In preparation for the Symposium, the Workshop interactive webinar will outline D3G's translational accomplishments and use this perspective to formulate key questions and identify global projects aimed at improving management of, and ultimately preventing, Molar Hypomineralisation and other types of chalky teeth. Aspects covered include population health, clinical management, research, education, and science translation through to improved policy and products.

For all the details and to register go to: https://www.thed3group.org/toronto2020.html

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