COVID-19 Suggestions from ASO members

Below are some suggestions to help you in your workplace, however, it is important that members regularly check for updates from federal and state government authorities regarding the latest advice and protocols.

  • Practitioners should ensure you are up-to-date with all developments at all times and communicate this information to staff, colleagues and patients regularly. 
  • Assess your practice environment and policies and determine what additional health and safety measures you can take and communicate to staff.
  • Make sure patient hygiene information (see list of workplace specific resources ) is displayed somewhere it can be seen before entering the practice. Messages can be delivered via text message, email, your social media pages and at your practice including the front door.
  • Contact patients (via email and phone) to advise of the precautions your practice is taking or limitations on services available.
  • Consider contacting patients with upcoming appointments to discuss the status of their treatment and whether they need to attend the clinic.
  • Consider asking those patients who need to come to the practice to only attend at the time of their appointment and to avoid bringing other siblings and relatives with them.
  • Recommend that patients do not arrive early before appointments.
  • Recommend that patients leave the practice immediately after their appointment.
  • Consider making follow up appointments once they have left the practice by phone. 
  • Consider making individual appointments longer to ensure there is adequate time for cleaning and management of waste.
  • Decontamination – follow best practice protocols for infection prevention and control including all public areas of the practice
  • Each patient and their attendants should have their medical history checked before treatment is started and specifically questioned with respect to symptoms associated with COVID-19.

In addition, members have been sharing practice tips for how to manage their practice as the situation unfolds. Click HERE to access tips for members from members (Note: you will need to login with your ASO member details to access this page).