Contributors List

The ASOFRE invites members to join their colleagues who have acknowledged the benefits an orthodontic education has given them and have contributed to the continuing Research and Education through the Foundation for the Future. 

Remember, when treating family, a friend or a child of a referring dentist for no fee, a donation can be given to the Foundation via the "Grateful Patient Donation"as a tax deduction to the donor and the treating orthodontist will be acknowledged in the ASOFRE Honour Roll.

The Australian Society of Orthodontists Foundation for Research and Education sincerely thank the following contributors for their support of the Foundation for the Future.

Corporate Patron ($50,000+) 
Henry Shein Halas$1,302,246
Ormco Pty Ltd$137,500
3M Australia$156,976
TP (Australia) Pty Ltd $74,000
AB Orthodontics$77,759
American Orthodontics Pty Ltd$52,000
Corporate Benefactor ($20,000+) 
Dentaurum Australia Pty Ltd$20,000
Corporate Sponsor ($10,000+) 
GAC Australia Pty Ltd$10,000
Australasian Orthodontic Study Club$17,618
Corporate Donor (< $10,000) 
Colgate Palmolive$3,000
Clear Correct$8,000
Oradec Australia$4,150
Goulburn Valley Orthodontics$1,500
Mr P J Martin and Team$50
Hillross Financial Services$2,040
Sybron Dental Specialities$1,000
Invisalign Australia P/L$5,000
Taiwan Orthodontic Society$610
Patron ($25,000+) 
Dr T Baisi$25,000
Dr P Buchholz$25,000
Dr R G Cook, AM$104,000
Dr A Collett$28,135
Dr S Cooper$28,194
Dr G R Dickinson$25,000
Dr F S Fryer$25,000
Dr M Goonewardene$41,042
Dr P Hanrahan$27,692
Dr H Holmes$26,050
Dr A Kalafatas$38,000
Dr R J Kift$128,800
Dr I Lavrin$25,250
Dr S Lawrence$25,250
Dr K A Mezger$25,000
Dr H D McLean$36,800
Dr R J Olive$32,250
Dr J R Owen$48,500
Dr M Razza$40,000
Dr R Smith$25,000
Dr J Stamatis$37,000
In Memory of Janice Lorraine Taylor$100,000
Dr M A Tod$25,000
Dr D I Vickers$41,259
Dr H Wasilewsky$25,830
Group Patron ($40,000+) 
Drs Bobbera and Wood$40,000
Drs Ferguson Trusler and Shields$44,406
Drs Hawkins Peel Taylor and Duncan$78,286
Drs Pollard Wong Amari$45,470
Drs Spry Hanrahan and Stanton$40,000
Benefactor ($10,000+) 
Dr A J Armitage$12,300
Dr A Bonic$10,250
Dr E C Crawford$19,500
Dr J L Curtain$11,270
Dr J Geenty$10,500
Dr P J Hannan$10,000
Dr P G Hardman$10,000
Dr C I Homewood$10,000
Dr B J Hookey$10,000
Dr C C Miles$10,000
Dr P Miles$13,391
Dr G J Moore$10,000
Dr R J Pedley$10,000
Dr A W Scarff$10,000
Dr P M Schneider$20,000
Dr P A Scott$10,000
Dr P Standish$15,000
Dr B E Taylor$10,000
Dr B I Watson$10,000
Dr G White$11,000
Dr Alwyn Wong$11,000
Dr A Yusupov$11,000
Sponsor ($4,000+) 
Dr S Bennett$4,133
Dr G L Brice$4,000
Dr G J Burnett$4,500
Dr J Cameron$4,000
Dr J E Campbell$4,000
Dr M A Cordato$4,000
Dr A C Coveney$4,000
Dr R Coyne$4,036
Dr G W Duncan$4,000
Dr K Farmer$5,500
Dr S Freezer$4,500
Dr D J Fuller$8,000
Dr M Harry$4,050
Dr S Herriott$4,000
Dr L R Jones$4,000
Dr S Langford$5,000
Dr D Lee$4,000
Dr M D Leedham$4,000
Dr P Lewis$4,000
Dr R Moerenhout$5,000
Dr P J Monckton$8,000
Dr D M Nader$4,000
Dr S O'Callaghan$4,200
Dr S Oleschenko$4,000
Dr J A Robinson$4,050
Dr J Sargent$4,450
Drs Sokel Jayasekera & Hong Seto$4,000
Dr Chris Theodosi$4,000
Dr P Tolliday$4,000
Dr C C Twelftree$6,000
Dr S Vasudavan$4,000
Dr V W Williams$4,000
Dr D Williment$4,000
Dr C Amditis$900
Dr D Armstrong$2,725
Prof A Athanasiou$500
Dr D Ballard$1,000
Dr A Blignaut$250
In Memory of "Von" Bowden$1,000
Dr J Bowman$1,940
Dr N Brezniak$250
Dr F Byloff$500
Dr Barbara Carach$500
Dr R C Case$500
Dr A Cavallaro$2,000
Dr R Cerny$1,500
Dr Hong Chan$3,000
Dr R W J Chapman$1,000
Dr D Cunningron$225
Prof M A Darendeliler$1,000
Dr C Dreyer$2,050
Dr I G Edwards$1,000
Dr P Fowler$2,000
Dr E Freer$1,500
Dr R E Gates$1,000
Dr W Harding$1,500
Dr G A Keogh$3,000
Dr E P Kosy$1,000
Bi Ngoc Huynh Le$1,000
Dr K P Lee$3,000
Dr D Lim$2,000
Dr R Linker$300
Dr J Lipshatz$1,800
Dr W J Mackie$200
Dr D Madsen$1,000
Dr R F Mason$500
Dr R Mathew$2,000
Dr J Mewing$650
Dr S Moate$2,500
Dr K Moseling$500
Dr C Murray$225
Dr A Nangia$1,500
Dr R H O Mylchreest$300
Dr D J O' Donoghue$1,000
Dr S Papas$260
Dr A G Parker$750
Dr J Perry$100
Dr L Pinheiro$250
Dr A Quick$500
Dr J F Reading$1,000
Dr M Reichstein$920
Dr T Rex$1,000
In memory of Julie M Robertson$1,000
Dr A Rose$1,000
Dr S Saicich$500
Prof J Saldarriaga$250
Prof W J Sampson$3,675
Dr J Sandy$500
Dr M Shearer$2,000
Dr R R Schimann$500
Dr R Schwartz$500
Prof M R Sims$300
Dr A Smith$500
Dr L F Smith$500
Dr K Soma$500

Dr G Stanton, in addition to group Patron

Dr G Staples$3,000
Dr J Sugawara$250
Dr A J Sutton$1,500
Dr A Tan$500
Prof K Tanne$500
Dr K Titus$500
Dr A Wasserstain$250
Dr I Westmore$1,000
Dr G Wexler$100
Dr M Woods$500
In Kind*
Dr S Vasudavan (donation to the University of Sydney)
Dr C Wholley (donation to the University of Melbourne)
Public Donors
Dr R Abicair
Ms H Attard
Ms Naomi Bates
Mr C Boundy
Mrs J Barkla
Dr Anthony Boyden
Sharon Brady
Mr R Breidahl
Mr A Brown
Mr Damien Bultitude
Mr Philip Burr
Mr C H Callahan
Mrs A Cameron
Mr Scott Cash
Mr Peter Cathro
Mrs Kerry Chomiszak
Dr A J Christie
Mr M Clark
Drs Iona and Tom Corfield
Mr M Covey
Ms C Delaney
Mr David Devenish
Mr G and Mrs R Donovan
Mr N Dushyanthen
Dr A Ecke
Mr D Elkins
Mr G Elliott
Mr D Entwhistle
Mr Brian Evans
A Fernando
Dr Clive Fisher
Dr A Forward
Mr A J and Mrs S J Frew
Ms S Frew
Dr M Georgouras
Dr C R Gibbons
Mr Craig Gillard
Dr Paul Gleeson
Ms R Greene
Mr M and Mrs B Habibi
Ms Brooke Haden
Dr Harent Hami
Dr Michael Hase
Mr D Henshaw
Mr Daryl Hitzman
Ms J Iemi
Ms Kate Ingles
Mrs K Ismay
Mr C Jenkin
Mr B Kadumbattuparambil
Mr S King
Ms V Knezevic
Mr and Mrs Kuhlmann
Dr A Lam
Mr J V Lardner
Mr S Legge
MS K Lennon
Dr J Levas
Dr A Lin
Ms J Low
Mr and Mrs Mel McGrath
Ms A McKeone
Ms Jessy Mathew
Dr I Matthews
Mrs M Menon
Dr S Mody
Mr S Mohann
Mr Chris and Mrs Sharon Moy
R Muscara
Mr Q Nguyen
Mr M O'Byrne
Dr R Paluch
Mr Elia Parsanejad
Mr R Perkins
Dr C Peterkin
Ms Jane Pinchback 
Mr R Fuller
Prof L Richards
Mrs A Ritson
Mr W Roberts
Mr Geoffrey Ross
Mr J and Mrs K Rowse
Dr K Sauzier
Mr M Sckokman

* The ASOFRE Committee may recommend to the ASOFRE Trustees that an individual or organisation be listed in the “In Kind” section of the Honour Roll in recognition of a generous non-monetary donation that confers a significant benefit to the success of the ASOFRE. A financial donation in excess of $4000 to an Australian orthodontic education and/or research organisation or an affiliated not for profit organisation connected to such an organisation may be considered for inclusion on the In Kind section of the Honour Roll where the ASOFRE Trustees are of the view that this donation also confers significant benefit to the ASOFRE.

The above honour roll is updated on a regular basis. Should you have any queries regarding the honour roll, please contact [email protected]