Changing orthodontists

Q. Can I change orthodontists mid-treatment?

Yes, it is possible, however it should only be done if necessary. If you move house to a new city or state for example, you may have to change orthodontists purely for practical reasons. Orthodontists are used to transferring details between each other and will ensure your records are sent to your new practitioner.

If you are considering moving orthodontists for other reasons – such as you don’t really get along with your orthodontist – we recommend you talk with your orthodontist and only change if you feel very uncomfortable with continuing.

Orthodontic treatment usually means you meet once every one or two months for a short time. Different practices use different systems and they are not always compatible. 

Additional fees may be payable with a transfer and there may be the need for further collection of progress records, changing some of the braces over to a different type etc. 

Q. Do I take my X-rays and other records with me if I change orthodontist?

Yes. Orthodontists are used to transferring details between each other. If you have settled any account associated with producing the orthodontic records they will be made available to you.