Australasian Orthodontic Board

Excellence, Education and Review

The Australasian Orthodontic Board (AOB) offers a unique certification program for members of the ASO.

The AOB is a voluntary process of Continuing Education and peer review. AOB members benefit from ongoing peer review of their orthodontic treatment plans and treatment to ensure they are always up-to-date with the latest orthodontic practice, standard of care and clinical developments.

The AOB offers a straight-forward system that can be utilised by students, through recent graduates, to those who have been practiticing for many years. The peer review process ensures applicability for any level of qualification and experience.

AOB status needs to be regularly renewed to ensure ongoing education and learning for all AOB members.

CPD credits can be gained for the Dental Board of Australia CPD Program.

  • AOB Stage 1 (submission of treatment plans): 10 hours
  • AOB Stage 2 (submission of completed cases): 15 hours

NB: Seniors certificate (requiring submission of a logbook only) does not attract any CPD hours. If CPD is desired, Seniors are welcome to redo Stage 1 and Stage 2.

Members of the ASO and the NZAO are eligible to apply for membership of the AOB.