ASO State Branches

ASO State Branches

New South Wales / Australian Capital Territory

 - Dr Anél Blignaut 

Vice-President - Dr Peter Hoang

Treasurer - Dr Morgan Wishney

Secretary - Dr Timothy Mew-Sum

Federal Councillor - Dr Sam Whittle

State Councillor - Dr Doreen Ng

Immediate Past President - Dr Peter Synott

Recent Graduates Representative -  Dr Ashwin Nair 

Contact the ASO NSW Branch: [email protected]


President - Dr Natasha Clare 

Vice-President - Dr Olivia Rogers

Treasurer - Dr Vanessa Brown 

Secretary - Dr Jane Harding

Federal Councillor - Dr Marcus Tod

State Councillor - Dr Emily Close 

Immediate Past President - Dr Elizabeth Fisher

Recent Graduates Representative - Dr Amesha Maree 

Contact the ASO QLD Branch: [email protected]

South Australia  

President - Dr Eugene Twigge

Vice-President - Dr Neo Douvartzidis

Treasurer - Dr Prash Sooriakumaran

Secretary - Dr Sarah Roberts

State Councillor - Dr Simon Toms

Immediate Past President - Dr Richard Salmon

Recent Graduates Representative - TBA

Contact the ASO SA Branch: [email protected]

Victoria / Tasmania

President - Dr Bruce Baker

Treasurer - Dr Margaret Wang

Secretary - Dr Bruce Baker

Federal Councillor - Dr Igor Lavrin

State Councillor - Dr Alison Sahhar

Immediate Past President - Dr Francis Wong

Recent Graduates Representative - Dr Thomas Lo

Contact the ASO VIC Branch: [email protected]

Western Australia

President - Dr Howard Holmes

Vice-President - Dr Lloyd Buck

Treasurer - Dr Arti Patel

Secretary - Dr Gordon Cheung

Federal Councillor - Dr Gosia Barley

State Councillor - Dr Angie Ross

Immediate Past President - Dr Sanj Ratneser

Recent Graduates Representative - Dr Sanjana Baksi

Contact the ASO WA Branch: [email protected]