ASO Foundation for Research and Education

The ASO Foundation for Research and Education was founded in 1961 by a generous donation from prominent Melbourne orthodontist, Dr J. Stanley Wilkinson.

The Foundation:

  • Provides funding and teaching support to every accredited Australian university course teaching orthodontics.

  • Provides research grants and donations to students and members to fund and encourage orthodontic research.

  • Promotes the sharing of best practices in orthodontics via a number of initiatives including national meetings held every two years.

Foundation awards

ASOFRE administers the following annual and biennial Awards - click here to find out more about ASOFRE Awards.


The Foundation is funded by ASO members, corporate sponsorship and grateful patients who make a donation at the time of receiving treatment.

Foundation for the Future

ASO members can become a contributor to the Foundation by joining the Foundation for the Future.

Corporate sponsorship packages

Companies are invited to become an appreciated member of the Foundation for the Future by making direct contributions, or by various specific initiative sponsorships. For contribution, sponsorship and contact details please click here.

Grateful Patient Donations

Grateful Patient Donations from non-member supporters and patients who have received pro bono orthodontic treatment through a professional courtesy arrangement, such as when an orthodontists treats the child of a referring dentist or friend, are encouraged to express their gratitude by making a tax-deductable donation to the Foundation for the Future on behalf of their orthodontist.

You can view the current list of Foundation donors here.

Now you can donate to the Foundation online - simply click on a link below!

I would like to donate $50 to the Foundation.

I would like to donate $250 to the Foundation.

I would like to donate $500 to the Foundation.

I would like to donate $1000 to the Foundation.

I would like to donate $2000 to the Foundation.

For other amounts, please contact the ASO Secretariat: 

Phone+61 2 9965 7250
Email[email protected]