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Excellence, Education and Review

Resources for ASO and NZAO members seeking AOB Certification:

Below are forms, sample cases and the AOB CPD Logbook for use by AOB applicants when applying to: Start the AOB Certification process; Complete Stage 1 and; Complete AOB Certification.

Stage 1

Stage 2

Once treatment is complete, use the following documents to complete the certification process. Post-graduate students undertaking the graduate entry pathway are not required to submit the AOB Continuing Professional Development Log.

Academic Pathway

The academic pathway is open to all academics holding at least a 40% (0.4 FTE) academic position in an accredited Australian/New Zealand Orthodontic Program. 

Logbook Certification

Once two cycles of clinical certification have been completed, recertification is awarded following submission of the AOB Continuing Professional Development Log every 5 years.

Additional information on AOB Student Awards and Resources for use by AOB Convenors and Assessors is also available below.

AOB Student Awards Information

Assessment Forms and Information (for use by AOB Office) 

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