AOB Awards

Excellence, Education and Review

To fulfil its objective of the promotion of excellence in orthodontics, the AOB may grant awards annually. These awards will be based on the case reports presented for Board Certification.

The Australasian Orthodontic Board Award of Merit

  • Each State Assessment Committee may select one or more cases for presentation to a selection panel at a Congress or Foundation meeting of the Australian Society of Orthodontists.
  • Should the panel decide that a particular case is sufficiently meritorious, an award will be made to the applicant.
  • The award will be in the form of a certificate of recognition and will be known as The Australasian Orthodontic Board Award of Merit.

AOB Student Awards

Similarly, the Board will encourage AOB First Stage (Graduate Entry stream) Members from Australasian University Dental Schools to participate in an annual competition for two awards:

The 3M Australia Postgraduate Clinical Research Award

  • This is awarded to each school that submits the required - and properly prepared - cases for the AOB Student Awards.
  • Award value (June 2012): $6,000 (total).
  • Each school which fulfills presentation criteria will be eligible to receive the award.
  • Award kindly sponsored by 3M Unitek.

   The TP (Aust) Postgraduate Clinical Award

  • This is awarded to the two students from each school represented in that years’ awards whose cases accumulate i) the highest score and ii) the 2nd highest score given by the Assessors (scores from all assessors count).
  • Award value: $5,000 (total).
  • The award will be distributed to the winning students at the AOB Executive’s discretion.
  • Award kindly sponsored by TP (Aust).

The State Assessment Committee, in consultation with each State Dental School, shall select four cases from that school for presentation and submission for the awards. Cases will be assessed by an appointed panel at each ASO Congress and Foundation Meeting and scored using the following criteria:

  • Adequacy and quality of records 30%
  • Self-evaluation analysis and discussion 30%
  • Quality of treatment 40%

Each participating student must complete a Terms and Conditions form.

To be eligible for AOB Awards of any kind, applicants must have been granted AOB First Stage (Graduate Entry Stream).

In addition, the assessment panel may present a Quality Award to anyone judged to have made an outstanding contribution in either case presentation or professional development. This award will be in the form of a certificate of recognition.