2021 Campaign Assets

The theme of our 2021 campaign was It Takes A Certain Type of Person and a suite of new assets were developed for members to use in your practice and on your digital channels. It’s all available for you to download in the Members Toolkit Google Drive. You can also refer to the Asset Guide which is a PDF with an overview of all the different assets and some quick links.

  • Download all of the assets via the Members Toolkit
  • We have also launched a game, The Straightening Test, to support this campaign.. It challenges people to see how they go at straightening and aligning tricky images.

  • Check out the 2021 Campaign Asset Guide for an overview of the new assets and some quick links.

General Campaign Assets

Click on the image below to view all of the general campaign assets including social media content, print ads, posters, email signatures, digital display ads and counter cards (including the one below).

The Straightening Test

Click on the image below to view the assets available for The Straightening Test including digital display ads, posters (including the one below) and social media content.

Alignment Fails

Click on the image below to view more digital display ads and social media content.

Perfect Profiles

Below is one of the campaign videos available on the Orthodontics Australia YouTube channel. Click HERE to download the new videos starring four of our very own Melbourne orthodontists.