2020 Poster Award Winners

The ASOFRE Committee is pleased to announce the winners of the 2020 Student Poster Award and the 2020 Scientific Poster Award.

2020 Student Poster Award Winner

Congratulations to Raymond Lam. Here is an abstract of the winning Student Poster. Please click on the image to view the poster in full. 

Pulp blood flow and sensibility in patients with a history of dental trauma undergoing maxillary expansion: A prospective study
Raymond Lam, Mithran Goonewardene, Steven Naoum - University of Western Australia

Dental trauma is a unique injury due to its unpredictable nature. No individual is ever at zero risk from these injuries from their activities of daily living. Of particular importance to the orthodontist is that peak periods of trauma risk coincide with the time that maxillary expansion is typically indicated. Therefore, it is not uncommon for patients presenting for orthodontic treatment to exhibit teeth that are compromised. In a first, this study aims to assess pulp blood flow (PBF) and pulp sensibility (PS) in teeth undergoing maxillary expansion with a history of trauma.

2020 Scientific Poster Award Winner

Congratulations to Mizuki Kano. Here is an abstract of the winning Scientific Poster. Please click on the image to view the poster in full. 

Effect of daidzein on expression of osteogenic factors in stretched hPDL cells
Kano M, Shimizu M, Hikida T, Sakurai M, Kazutaka K - Nihon University school of Dentistry at Matsudo

In orthodontic treatment, relapse of tooth after active treatment occurs considerably. Alveolar bone resorption after orthodontic tooth movement is thought to be one of the important factor associated with tooth relapse. Daidzein, a one of the major isoflavone found in soybean, inhibits the osteoclast differentiation and promote the bone formation. The purpose of this study was to investigate the effects of daidzein on relapse after orthodontic tooth movement (TM).

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