2017 Foundation Meeting

Professor HenryFields

ASOFRE would like to sincerely thank Professor Henry Fields, Ohio USA, for accepting our invitation to present a series of lectures which reflected a wide range of areas that he has been actively involved with in his long clinical, academic and research career.  

Members of the ASO, NZAO and other Specialist Orthodontists, together with invited researchers and academics were treated to a wide range of presentations from experienced clinicians. They were ably supported by recently graduated Orthodontists who were recipients of ASOFRE Awards in 2015 and 2016.

Dr John Fricker challenged our ideas of what it means to be a professional with goals of lifelong learning, tailoring individual continuing professional development together with the value of mentoring either as a mentor or a mentee.  Dr Fricker has kindly offered ASOFRE his powerpoint presentation and a succinct version of his presentation will soon appear on this website as part of the Foundation’s goal to support orthodontic education.

Dr Peter Miles is a valued and well regarded speaker for our society, as well as internationally.  In addition to private clinical practice, Dr Miles makes time to conduct research to test claims that are made in the public arena about ‘new’ developments.  Dr Miles’ lecture ‘Selling Speed - the evidence regarding accelerated orthodontic treatment’ was delivered with sound information, good evidence, clear records and humour; it was very good. Foundation is proud to have supported Dr Miles’ with a research grant to carry out his private practice based clinical research.

Dr Tony Weir delivered a fast paced lecture on anchorage characteristics of Invisalign appliances. He continues to undertake analysis of hs clinical cases with respect to anticipated tooth movements and real movements achieved.  Thank you Tony for sharing your experiences, your attention to detail and your questioning mind which are admirable qualities.

Professor Amjal Mian from UWA delivered a lecture on ‘Dense 3D face correspondence for diagnostics, treatment planning and objective analysis’. Dr Simon Freezer followed with a lecture ‘Calculating treatment change using virtual 3D facial models’.  These two lectures dovetailed perfectly with Dr Freezer enhancing the scope of research in clinical practice.  Please read the article by Simon Freezer, and John Fricker, in 50th anniversary AOJ 2017.

The P Raymond Begg Research Award is the society’s most prestigious award for an outstanding original research paper, or series of papers, with significance to orthodontics.  Clinical Associate Professor Sanjivan Kandasamy, winner of the 2016 Award, delivered an outstanding lecture on TMD and orthodontics. There have been six recipients of the this award, five of these recipients were present at this Brisbane Foundation Meeting. You can read about this award, and all awards, on this website.

Dr Prashant Zaveri

Dr Prashant Zaveri, Auckland NZ, is a specialist Orthodontist and Periodontist.  Dr Zaveri delivered two lectures on current trends in management of periodontally compromised dentition.  The audience was clearly appreciative of the material shared and we thank Dr Zaveri for accepting our invitation to present at our meeting.

The Elsdon Storey Research Award is awarded to the most meritorious research paper  based on a thesis  submitted by a final year postgraduate student.  Dr Jenkin Chiu and Dr Braydon Patterson, 2015 and 2016 winners, both graduates from University of Sydney, presented their research projects and findings.

Congratulations goes to the 2017 winner of Elsdon Storey Award,  Dr Steven Naoum, University of Western Australia.  Dr Naoum will present his paper ‘Changes in pulp flow and pulp sensibility resulting from surgically assisted rapid maxillary expansion: a clinical study.’ at the 2019 Foundation Meeting.

The Milton R Sims Award, supported by Ormco, is offered on a biennial basis to those completing their graduate programs.  It is awarded to the most meritorious student in the two years preceding each Congress.  The 2016 winner of this Award, Dr Eugene Twigge, graduate of University of Adelaide, delivered a presentation based upon his research: ‘Perceptions of adolescent orthodontic patients: Concerns, expectations and quality of Life’.

The ASOFRE Australasian Student Poster prize for 2017 was awarded to Dr Adam Chen, University of Melbourne. We thank Henry Schein Halas for their sponsorship of this award.   

Mr Andrew Binns from AB Orthodontics was able to present the Sam Bulkley-AB Orthodontics Travelling Fellowship for 2016 to Dr Doreen Ng (in absentia). She is a recent graduate of University of Sydney and plans to conduct Sleep Apnea research at University of Florence, Italy.

Clinical Associate Professor Sanjivan Kandasamy, 2016 winner of the PR Begg Research award, delivering the Gerry Dickinson memorial lecture

Private practitioner ASO orthodontists such as Drs Fricker, Miles, Freezer and Weir, and those in both private and academic practice including Dr Kandasamy, have given freely of their time in attending and presenting at this Foundation meeting for the benefit of all attending. Thank you to these members who donate their time and effort to make these presentations, your dedication and hard work is very much appreciated .  

Many members present at the meeting engage actively in teaching of postgraduate students within the Universities.  We thank them for the personal cost in time and earnings for their support of orthodontic education and research; as a society we are extremely grateful to these members.  As delegates to the meeting, we are indeed fortunate to hear of the excellent educational and research programs being undertaken at all our orthodontic programs.

The postgraduate students meeting was held during the two days before the Foundation meeting. Professor Fields was the Jan Taylor Lecturer and at this students meeting delivered lectures and participated in the program.  Students and staff of all orthodontic departments in Australia and New Zealand shared in research presentations together with team building activities. Special thanks go to 3M Australia who helped organise and support this event.

ASOFRE cannot function without the support of its individual members and its Corporate Supporters.  Our major Corporate Donors include Henry Schein Halas, 3M, Ormco, AB Orthodontics, TP Orthodontics, American Orthodontics and others who are listed on the contributors list on this website.  Thank you so much.

Just as important as the corporate support is the support ASO members give the Foundation. Members can support the Foundation through personal donations and through donations via the Grateful Patient Donation scheme. Details can be found on this website and please consider ongoing or new support to Foundation as part of your giving portfolio.

Thanks also to Drs John Fricker and Guy Burnett who conducted interview with Foundation lecturers with the help of Mr Michael Vandiver for ADA Dental Files. We hope to have these interviews on this website and some on Dental Files soon.

Finally the Foundation Meeting would not be complete without the Dinner which combined celebrations with the Australian Orthodontic Journal celebrating 50 years of continuous publication.  A wonderful evening and thank you again to retiring friend and life member of ASO Mrs Liz Swaby. Read the AOJ 50th Anniversary issue, including the ‘Editorial Special Edition 2017’ by Professor Craig Dreyer, because to go forward in orthodontics and our ASO, you need to understand where we came from.

The 2017 Foundation meeting was held in Brisbane on the 3-4 March 2017.

Foundation Dinner at Customs House


Professor Craig Dreyer


Thank you to retiring ASOFRE committee members Drs Helen McLean and Alan Pollard - you are both amazing and we will miss you.  Welcome to Dr Maurice Meade, SA, who joined the committee in Brisbane.

Helen McLean
Alan Pollard